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On-Site Sunday Meetings

With the lifting of restrictions our Sunday meetings take place at 10:30 at 26 Benmore Rd, Brymore. 

Limited attendance (100 people) is available, you can fill in this booking form to secure your place. 

Alternatively you can access our meetings LIVE via our YouTube channel.

Bookings for On-Site Sunday Meeting 10:30AM

There are currently 76 seats available for this Sunday’s meeting.

You have to agree to the following in order to attend this meeting at Bay City Church

• I'm currently NOT experiencing any flu-like symptoms
• I understand that if I'm over 60 I am at high risk
• I agree to wear a facemask
• I understand that kids under the age of 13 will not be permitted to enter the meeting
• I agree to social distancing practices stipulated by the Health Department of South Africa

Terms & Conditions *